Google Business View Tour

Immersive Technology Studios is proud to offer virtual tours as apart of the Google Business View program. Google Business View is one of Google’s newest and most affordable advertising services on the web, and provides virtual tours of local businesses for customers and potential customers to discover your business online. These tours are comprised professionally shot 360° spherical photos that are embedded into Google’s Street View program, allowing users to virtually walk through Restaurants, Stores, Galleries, and other Local Businesses.

Google Business View Tour

Why Should My Company / Organization / Institution Get Google Business View Tour?

Get Discovered

Businesses with Business View are more likely to be discovered online through Google’s Search Engine. In addition to higher ranking factors, a “Look Inside” button is prominently displayed at the top of the results page inviting users to find out more about your business.

Affordable Marketing Tool

Google Business View may be one of the most inexpensive virtual tour products on the market. The best thing, there’s no “catch”. Google hosts the tour for you at no cost – forever. There is no question of the cost-benefit as there no recurring fees and the cost for most businesses is under $1,000 – a small price to pay for something with an indefinite return!

Attract More Customers

A large percentage of people search for local businesses before making a decision to visit the location. Google Business View offers a significant advantage over your competitors by providing your potential customers that extra level of confidence by allowing them to see inside. It’s a fact, images have a significant impact to a person’s decision making when searching for local businesses. Supplying a virtual tour sets you apart from your competitors and provides an experience that’s informative and entertaining.

Convert More Customers

Studies show that 59% of customers visit a business within the same day of their search and 18% of local searches lead to a purchase within the same day.

Consider the NYC Restaurant week case study where 84% of the 1300 surveyed customers said Business View played a factor in their restaurant choice. Or, the Leeke’s case study that showed a 20% increase to in-store traffic the year following their tour. Google Business View virtual tours drive more business.

Drive Engagement & Encourage Positive Reviews

Naturally, you will benefit form the increased interaction your business listing receives as the virtual tour drives more traffic. This increase in engagement, in turn, results in more reviews of your business. More reviews can be good, but it can also be bad. With a virtual tour your customer knows what to expect before they visit and is less likely to have disappoint or to feel misled. Positive reviews come form customers who feel like their expectations were met or exceeded.