Immersive Technology Studios provides highly realistic and interactive virtual reality products and services for businesses and organizations to engage their target audience in a dynamic and compelling manner. Furthermore we focus on providing this rich experience in a seamless and easy to access environment. Our technology is cross-platform compatible and works with all major hardware types, including computers, laptops, tablets, mobile device and VR headsets. Unlike other virtual reality and virtual tour products, our platform utilizes the latest digital web technologies, allowing for the content can be accessed via a web browser, instead of relying on users to download a specific app that is locked to a specific device.

101 Applications and Uses

Business Virtual Tours

Museum and Exhibit Tours

College Campus Tours

Resort Tours

Residential Real Estate Tours

Commercial Real Estate Tours

Home Rental Tours

Progress Report Construction Tours

Walk Around Product Tours

Conference and Events Tours

Historic Site Tours

Special Venue Tours

Compatible Headsets

To make the technology accessible to the largest audience possible, ITS has selected to target smartphone enabled VR headset solutions. These affordable solutions start at $14.99 per headset and allow for high quality virtual reality experiences when viewing immersive technology studios interactive VR tours. Click on each link to learn more about each device.

Google Cardboard
(Recommended) (Starts at $14.99)

Colorcross VR (~$19.99)

HOMiDO (~69.99)

Gear VR (~$200.00)

Zeiss VR One (~$120)

Oculus Rift (~$600)

Need 100+ headsets? Contact ITS for bulk ordering as low as $5 per unit