Immersive Technology Studios is your virtual reality partner, working with you to tell your story like never before! ITS creates highly realistic, interactive, and immersive virtual reality content that your customers can engage with in a way never before possible. From 360 degree video, to virtual reality tours, to custom VR projects, ITS has a solutions that will resonate with your target audience!

Virtual Reality Applications

Real Estate
Golf Courses
College Campuses

 – Why Immersive Technology Studios? –


Unlike many Virtual Reality applications, Immersive Technology Studios focuses on producing photorealistic environments. This means that all interfaces are produced in a way which replicate real life atmospheres, as opposed to commuter generated environments. Instead of seeing highly geometric shapes produced by CAD or 3D modeling software that appear “fake,” ITS reproduces real life locations and incorporates them into our VR technology. Ranging from 360 Video to Virtual Reality Tours ITS can transport your target market into your business, organization or application.


Virtual Reality shouldn’t be a passive experience, give your users the ability to interact and engage with your application. Unlike static 360 Video or other panoramic experiences, ITS provides in-frame navigational elements and hotspots that the user can use to interact with their surroundings. From walking around their environment, to selecting informational points-of-interest, to being provided a heads-up-display experience, ITS can help bring your Virtual Reality Application to life.


Open the door to new possibilities with virtual reality. Through immersive story telling you can virtually transport your users wherever you want and share with them a compelling reason why they should do businesses with you. ITS provides the tools, resources and skills to produce and distribute your VR content and share it with your target market no matter what device they have. Our webVR platform is completely cross-platform compatible and can be used on all major VR headsets, as well as displayed on mobile devices, computers and other non-vr devices.