Bridging the Gap Between the Real & Digital World

Immersive Technology Studios seeks to bridge the gap between reality and the digital world by creating high quality immersive virtual reality (VR) tours and products that transform the physical world into a digital landscape. We do this through a variety of spherical imaging processes, applications and software enhancements that take images and videos of physical spaces and convert them into interactive experiences that can be explored on a variety of digital platforms including VR headsets, mobile devices, computers, and social networks.


Virtual Reality (VR)
Production Services

Immersive Technology Studios specializes in custom virtual reality content, including 360° Video and Interactive Virtual Reality Environments, and custom VR Platforms.


Interactive VR Tours

Immersive Technology Studios works with business and non-profit organizations to develop custom Virtual Tours that are cross-platform compatible and work with mobile devices, computers, and VR headsets.


Google Business

Extend your storefront into the digital world with Google Business View. Similar to “Street View” from Google, Business View allows Google users to virtually walk around your stores, restaurant, hotel, or other business using Google Maps and and Search Engine tools.